Headache and Migraine Kinnelon, NJ

Headache & Migraine Kinnelon

Do you suffer from frequent migraines or headaches in Kinnelon, NJ? Instead of constantly treating the symptoms with medication, a holistic approach to preventing your chronic pain can be even more effective. And depending on the cause of your recurring headaches, your teeth and jaws may have a role to play.

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A Neuromuscular Approach

The way your mouth functions can secondarily impact all of the surrounding facial muscles, as well as those in your neck and shoulders. Neuromuscular dentistry incorporates everything from bite calibration to TENS therapy to treat your musculoskeletal pain without prescription medications or invasive therapies.

Bruxism, Clenching, and Grinding

Many of us tend to subconsciously clench and grind our teeth. Especially if we're stressed or focusing on something important. When our mouth is at rest, our lips should be touching but our teeth should be slightly apart. If we're consistently gritting them together, the excess tension on your jaw muscles and TMJ can lead to referred pain throughout your face and scalp.

Bruxism is the term we use to describe chronic teeth clenching and grinding. It's typically treated with a custom bite splint or nightguard, depending on when you grind your teeth most. The protective "buffer" that it offers helps to:
• Prevent premature wear to your enamel
• Avoid breakage in existing dental work
• Naturally "relax" your jaw and facial muscles
• Train your TMJ to avoid clenching

With regular use, your mouthguard eases the source of your recurring pain.

Screening for Sleep Apnea

Recurring headaches are a common symptom of sleeping disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea. The oxygen deprivation and natural jaw clenching can cause you to wake up with pain each morning. Our Kinnelon dentist will screen for other sleeping disorder warning signs to determine if there's a possible correlation.

Schedule a Computerized Jaw Tracking Analysis

Our private practice is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology that allows us to evaluate your musculoskeletal system and pinpoint the cause of your chronic pain. Call Integrated Dental Aesthetics in Kinnelon, New Jersey today to reserve an appointment.